Demeglobe relies on the strength of the group Egetra allied to Caratrans logistics.

The group Egetra and its network of subsidiaries (Despradelle SA, Despradelle Canada, GR Valade, Henry Johnson & Son, Dinadis, Bradford, etc..) are located in France, Germany, Romania, Morocco and Canada while Caratrans Logistics is a major Canadian actor in local and long distances transports, backed by a strong logistics.

This powerful partnership in these related activities is an added advantage for Demeglobe, which can therefore provide a greater number of responses and services to various customer requests.

Demeglobe is the result of a common desire among groups Egetra & Caratrans Logistics to offer the best international moving services to a wide international clientele, whether from Canada or any other country in the world, to the destination of their choice.

We work across the world with international moving specialists, which allow us to guarantee a high level.

Demeglobe may as well move your personal belongings (furniture, dishes, linens, ornaments,  etc..) than your vehicles (cars, motorcycles, etc..), thanks to the professionalism and the expertise of our teams.

Our services offer a wide range of solutions such as exclusive container transportation, container consolidation, LCL ocean shipping (in wooden crates) and air crates.

Demeglobe, relying on logistics Despradelle Canada, is able to offer its customer shipments in containers at sea groupage weekly to France at very competitive rates.

Our expertise as a mover has led me to take care of international moves to a diverse clientele composed of emigrants and expatriates, and to bring to each of these moves the utmost care and mastery required.

We are therefore at your disposal for any information you might need and / or to provide you a quote for your international move.